Blouses By Chanrol

Effortless Chic

Blouses give a zone for designers to free their endless creativity. Mix the most fashionable elements and fabrics beyond your expectation!

A huge selection of blouse brings your customers the effortless chic with ease.

Chat with us to express your odd ideas!

Tailored Sizes For Your Market

With 13 years of experience in foreign trading, we are familiar with the type of figure of different countries and regions. So we are able to master the general sizes and produce the most tailored clothes for customers in your country.

Besides, sizes can be customized as needed.

Higher Cost Performance

Our products stand out the market by the most up-to-date styles with lower prices.

Sourcing from Chanrol, a clothing manufacturer, enables you to purchase the most fashionable blouses at greater prices, which necessarily means higher profit.