Fabric Procurement

Located next to one of the largest textile markets allows us the most convenient access to various fabrics. No matter what kind of fabric is the fashion in your target market, we are able to source the fabric to fit in a shorter timeframe.

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Fabric Inspection

A crucial step to ensure the quality of every piece of clothing is to ensure the raw material is in perfect state. By spreading the fabric with the help of sophisticated machines, Chanrol-trained workers won't overlook any defect.

We will check the number of yarn per square inch, making sure that the fabric is tough enough for sewing and wearing.

    Cutting & Sewing

    1,000+ stitches on the fabrics make a piece of clothing. We ensure each stitch is sewn with care —— 11 lockstitching per inch, 13 for overlook and 11 for interlock.

    Each worker is highly specialized in his responsible procedure —— 10 highly skilled workers working in a line creates a perfect clothing.


    Various arts and crafts are applied to keep pace with the trends.

    We offer services for processing a clothing including sourcing of fabrics, embroidery, printing, labels, and tags.

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    No one wishes to receive a piece of wrinkled clothes. Ironing makes the clothes more decent and fashionable.

    Using steam iron bed, ironing workers smooth down every corner of the clothes, by which we guarantee you receive ready-to-send clothes.