Market Trend Researching

Why are our designers able to develop 20+ styles in one day?

Keeping up with the fashion trend empowers them to produce the most popular styles in your target markets.

Unique sense and enthusiasm in fashion make them analyzing the latest styles, especially in fabrics, sewing arts, colors, etc. by inspiration.

Offering Designs

Provide us your own design, the sample image or the sample clothes, our expert designers will analyze it and break down the parts before printing them on the paper, as well as considering sourcing availability in designing.

On account of their vast experience in clothing designing and making, you can expect practical suggestions from us on fabric, printing technology.

Paper Patterning & Sampling

Adjusting the pattern to satisfaction based on comprehensive understanding of physical characteristics of different countries and regions.

High quality and comfortable clothes will never feature poor sales. Your market is on us, just from designing.

Bespoke Size Chart

Strictly following your instruction on color, fabric, size, designers are responsible for conveying every customer's specific need to the production department.

You receive the finished goods which are exactly the same as the sample.